• 4 June 2020
  • 09:30-10:45

Going to Scale with Smart Investments in Community Food Production and Health Initiatives: A Response to Fiji’s Health Crisis

This interactive Q&A session aims to sensitize donors, development partners, financiers and interested parties to reflect on successful initiatives and explore strategies that attract financing to support stakeholders to take the lead in scaling-up actions that have a direct impact on agri-business and value chain development, building resilient Pacific agri-food systems and improving incomes, health and nutrition. A proactive approach that triggers behavioural change that transforms the agri-food system can only be realised with the active engagement and commitment of Fijians themselves.

Currently Fiji has a high dependence on food imports and has been struggling with the crisis of non-communicable diseases; 84% of all its deaths attributed to cardiovascular and diabetes. This is the most vulnerable population to pandemics like Corona Virus. Fiji’s latest Nutritional Survey indicates that 80% of children below the age of 2, 50% children below the age of five and almost of half of Fiji’s population is suffering from anaemia. Immune system of those suffering from nutrition challenges are highly compromised. Disruptions in global trade will also have an impact on food availability for those who do not have access to local food systems. It is urgent to scale up local nutritious food production systems in this time of crisis.

The Innov4AgPacific project and its partners are ready to share experiences and showcase lessons learned to support more coordinated actions and motivate the national, regional and international community to increase financing for scaling-up successful interventions which directly benefit rural communities, small producers and other agri-preneurs by investing in value chain and agri-business development to contribute to the social and economic transformation of Pacific Island States.