• Wednesday, 30 October 2019
  • 14:15-15:45 UTC+00:00
  • Room: Meeting Room 1

Workshop: How Would You Approach Landscape Governance? Help Us Sort out Lessons from African Landscapes

Meeting Room 1

The holistic nature of using a landscape approach to address conservation and development benefits is growing, but it is still a somewhat amorphous concept. What does it look like? Who is involved? What are we trying to achieve? It is clear that to operationalize the landscape approach more focus is needed to analyze and support the governance systems that promote non-conflicting land uses to provide ecosystem services and safeguard biodiversity for diverse social groups over the long-term. Join us to learn about IUCN’s approach to enhancing resource governance in 6 African landscapes (in Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, and Uganda). Share your own experiences and your thoughts on what we found.