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Michal Zrust

Chief Technical Officer
Lestari Capital

Michal Zrust is the Southeast Asia Regional Manager at Daemeter Consulting, and the co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer at Lestari Capital. Michal’s background is wildlife conservation, with over 10 years of experience of conservation project management across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Since 2011, Michal has been involved with the oil palm industry, first as the Global Palm Oil Technical Advisor at The Zoological Society of London, based in Indonesia, and now within Daemeter.

His expertise includes management and monitoring of High Conservation Values in oil palm landscapes; supply chain traceability implementation; implementation of no deforestation and other sustainability commitments; certification standard development; and implementation of landscape-level sustainability approaches. At the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), he maintains technical advisory seats at the Biodiversity and High Conservation Value Working Group, and the Compensation Task Force, and was a member of the RSPO Board of Governors as an NGO representative. He now continues his work at Daemeter, and is focused on the development of Lestari Capital and the Sustainable Commodities Compensation Mechanism.