• 07 March 2023
  • 09:00-10:00
  • Room: Room D

Market-based mechanisms: Sustainable conservation finance from incubation to operations

Room D

Delivering conservation and restoration at scale is crucial for achieving global climate, biodiversity, and sustainable development goals. However, conservation requires secure, performance-based, and long-term financing across different stages of the project lifecycle, including incubation, development, and operations.

Market demand for conservation impacts is an emerging and promising solution to deliver long-term finance. Market-based mechanisms, such as the Rimba Collective, give projects access to reliable and sustainable sources of finance while supporting the achievement of global and corporate sustainability targets.

This session will showcase successful market-based mechanism for conservation finance, and explore the remaining challenges in this emerging field. The session will also introduce the new Rimba Collective incubation and readiness facility designed to help conservation projects prepare for market demand, and present a clear pathway to finance conservation and restoration impacts at scale and over time.