Mauro Agnoletti

Director of the Laboratory for Landscape and Cultural Heritage
University of Florence

Associate professor, University of Florence, Faculty of Agriculture. Director of the landscape laboratory (CULTLAB) of the University of Florence, School of Agriculture. He teaches the courses of planning of rural landscape and environmental history. On the same topic he held university courses in USA, Germany, France, Poland. He is the Chair of the Scientific Committee of the FAO Agricultural Heritage Systems Program (GIAHS. In 2014 he was the Chair, of the Committee, of the UNESCO-CBD Florence declaration on biocultural diversity. In 2007 he was the coordinator of the Guidelines for Social and Cultural values in SFM, for the Inter Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forest in Europe (MCPFE). He is the author of the country case “Italy”, dedicated to landscape and forests, in the State of the Forest of the World 2018. He is the Coordinator, of the National Register of Historical Rural Landscape, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Italy. He is the president of the Landscape Observatory of the Regional Government of Tuscany, Italy.‑ In 2014-15 he was the Coordinator of the Landscape Area, Universal Expo 2015, Milan. In 2007 he coordinated the theme “Landscape” in the Italian National Plan for Rural Development. He is the co-editor in chief of the journal “Global Environment” , White Horse Press (UK), editor in chief of the series on Environmental History by Springer Verlag. His book on Italian Historical Rural Landscape has been in the 25% of the best selling book by Springer (2013), the Italian edition sold out after 3 months from publication.