• Day 1: Tuesday, 19 December
  • Room: Nairobi 1 - 2

Landscape restoration for food security and resilient livelihoods – Session 1: “Lessons learned from the ground”

Food and livelihoods, Landscape restoration
Nairobi 1 - 2

This session is the first of two linked events that explore the connection between landscape restoration, food security and livelihoods. Driven by the commitment, research and experience of its hosts – FAO, the World Bank, IUCN, WRI and CIFOR – it will ask the question: “How does a Landscape Approach lead to greater food and nutrition security and more resilient livelihoods?” It will provide an opportunity for practitioners and promoters of landscape approaches to highlight experiences from community to national level and share their success stories. The session will include cases that highlight the development of integrated landscape/territorial management plans; Innovative financing mechanisms; Exploring value chains that optimize integrated landscape production; Cross sectoral policy processes and platforms; Strengthening institutional capacity of smallholders, producers and local government; Tools for assessing optimum ecological, social and economic benefits from restored mosaic landscapes. Lessons will be shared from experiences in Rwanda, Malawi, Bolivia, Italy and possibly other countries. The session will set the stage for a second discussion forum that builds on the lessons learned from practical experience to date and aims to lay out a common framework of support to country-led implementation.