Louise Mabulo

Award-winning chef, entrepreneur, agriculture advocate, public speaker & competitive archer

Louise is an award-winning chef, entrepreneur, agriculture advocate, public speaker, and competitive archer. She promotes sustainable agriculture and farm-to-table cuisine.

From the United Kingdom, Louise migrated to a rural area in the Philippines, where she runs her own farm and Culinary Lounge. She established her venture, The Cacao Project, aiming to promote agriculture, fair trade, and reforestation, while providing farmers with a sustainable, high income livelihood. At the United Nations 2017 Winter Youth Assembly, Louise won a lifetime Fellowship from the Resolution Project for her social venture, The Cacao Project. She was recognised as the Outstanding Youth Ambassador at the 21st Session of the United Nations Youth Assembly.

Louise won the Best Dessert in Asia Award at the Disciples des Escoffier Young Talent Trophy in Hong Kong. Louise is the youngest member of Disciples des Escoffier Philippines and was a finalist in the TV reality cooking show, Junior MasterChef. Louise studied Economic Development and Social Entrepreneurship at Brown University, U.S.A. and at the Watson Institute Philippines. She is an Ambassador of Breville Philippines.

She was awarded The Outstanding Young Farmer of the Philippines.