• 06 November 2021
  • 16:00-17:30
  • Room: Hybrid: Senate Room

Putting the Food System at the Top of the Climate Action Agenda

Hybrid: Senate Room

The global food system is responsible for about one third of global human-caused greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), with most of those emissions attributed to agriculture and land use. Through their voice and platforms, food and beverage companies have a critical role to play; 1) to help drive a shift to a more sustainable food system; and 2) to help create a positive feedback loop, supporting governments pushing for the achievement of major climate goals, while underscoring the food system as a major climate driver and an essential part of the climate solution. To make this happen we need governments to step up and give the food sector the attention it deserves. The sector is significantly underrepresented on the agenda at COP 26 and in global efforts to combat climate change. We are calling on both governments and companies to do more.