Emanuel Chibesakunda

Munich Advisors Group

Mr. Chibesakunda is a German/Zambian business consultant with nearly 20 years of experience in consultation projects in multiple nations across Europe and Africa. He has founded multiple organizations for the betterment of the environment such as SunPower Africa and Zambia Renewable Energy Association (ZARENA).

He has worked for a variety of companies to create a series of global growth strategies, including BMW, Saab, Department of Work and Pensions (UK), Deutsche Telekom, United Nation Development Program (UNDP), Bangkok Bank and Biofuels Association of Zambia to name a few.He founded Munich Advisors Group in 2007 and remains its CEO after 11 years in operation.

Through his energy background his has been able to amass a wealth of knowledge in the renewable energy sector, with practical working experience in biofuel, biogas, biomass, solar and wind energy. This experience, coupled with the vehicles he has been able to establish the Plant a Million initiative in an effort to provide an economically viable avenue for environmental protection in Zambia and later across the continent.