• Sunday, 23 June 2019

Activism in the Age of Climate Collapse: Moving from Protest to Resistance

Drawing on examples from the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa, our speaker will describe how a mass movement, transformed a protest into a mass resistance campaign that challenged every facet of apartheid and made it unworkable. Bringing us to today and to what Extinction Rebellion is attempting to do on a global scale, speaker Malik Dasoo will contextualize this resurgence in radical environmentalism through the climate change paradox by explaining how more climate research is necessary but not sufficient for climate and ecological justice. This talk will highlight the rights, responsibilities and obligations of people to move the current paradigm of global governance from complacency to immediate response in light of the climate and ecological crisis. Researchers and practitioners are obliged to operate under a corporate economic order that is hostile to environmental activism​. This talk aims to persuade them to elevate their work to mainstream global awareness through the infusion of activism.