Find out the winners of the GLF Kyoto 2019 competition

We thank the more than 270 people who applied as speaker, we are impressed by your skills and motivation. Please continue with your great work. Your passion and commitment is needed for a healthier planet.

After reviewing all applications we are happy to announce that Komal Kumar has been selected to represent the youth at GLF Kyoto 2019. Our warmest congratulations!

Komal Kumar, Fiji
“There is a need for young people to speak up and share their stories so people from all over the world can know what is happening not only in their countries but globally as well”

Komal is part of a young led youth network called “Alliance for Future Generations – Fiji“. They work around the issues of SDGs and climate change and create sessions, capacity building workshops and seminars to share awareness around climate change to youth. They are carrying out mangrove planting activities around many of the coastal areas and beach-clean ups near villages and have successfully contributed towards the minimum use of plastic bags in Fiji at a national level.


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