Securing Rights, Securing Landscapes: Presentation by The Tenure Facility

10 Jul 2019

The Tenure Facility delivered this presentation at the Global Landscapes Forum in Bonn at the Securing Rights, Securing Landscapes: Boosting the impacts session. This session involved an interactive panel discussion that focused on how best to scale up recognition of land rights across the developing world. Other topics included early lessons from the Tenure Facility’s […]

Young foresters: shaping a world that appreciates forests

23 Jun 2019

The presentation highlights different forest education initiatives by educational organizations like IFSA, IUFRO and YPARD: mentorship toolkit. International day on forests. Engaging youth in forest activities to increase the attractiveness of the sector.

‘People for Arctic Ecosystems’ by EthnoExpert’s Darya RyazantSeva

23 Jun 2019

Explore ‘People for Arctic Ecosystems’ by EthnoExpert’s Darya RyazantSeva presented at GLF: Bonn 2019

Greenstand – Addressing Poverty and Climate Change

23 Jun 2019

If you sponsor a tree in Africa - does it exist? Does the planter get any long term benefits from planting a tree? Do the saplings that get planted ever grow into a forest?