• Day 1: Tuesday, 17 July 2018
  • 13:00-14:30 Jakarta time (GMT+7)

Fishing industry and sustainable blue economy

Ruang Serbaguna (Floor 4)
The increasing demand of the world population to protein source from marine ecosystems in the last few decades have triggered the fast-growing industry of fisheries and aquaculture in both marine and inland waters. Consequently, overfishing is inevitable and many fishing grounds in Indonesia are steadily depleting. Combination of improved fisheries, good aquaculture practices, modernized post-harvest storage and processing industries could lead to sustainable blue economy. Potential discussion topics:
  • Sustainable fish catch
  • Aquaculture and sustainability of coastal wetlands
  • Downstream industries
  • Improved access to markets

Presented papers

Soetyono Iskandar Optimization of hybrid powered refrigerator system (solar cell plus diesel engine) for traditional fishing vessels in Makassar
Soetyono Iskandar, Moch. Bruri Triyono, Nurlaela Latief, A. Muh. Idkhan
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Diah Radini Noerdjito High economic value unsaturated fatty acid potency produced by tropical marine diatom (Nitzschia sp. : Bacillariophyceae) from Karimunjawa
Diah Radini Noerdjito, Gede Suantika, and Djoko T. Iskandar
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Purnama Alamsyah Foresight for identifying research priorities for sustainable blue economy
Purnama Alamsyah, Lutfah Ariana, Irene Muflikh Nadhiroh, Ria Hardiyati, Ikbal Maulana
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