Media advisory

More than just carbon: Summit participants urge policy makers to mainstream blue carbon into global agenda

18 Jul 2018

With 3 million hectares of mangroves and 300,000 hectares of sea meadows, Indonesia is home to one of the world’s most important coastal ecosystems. Regulation and conservation of these ecosystems not only affects the nation, but can also have global climate adaptation and mitigation implications.

Media availability schedule for the Blue Carbon Summit

17 Jul 2018

The Blue Carbon Summit Steering Committee is pleased to announce to the press the media availability of experts and ministers during the inaugural event, which will take place 17-18 July in Jakarta.

Exploring how Indonesia’s blue carbon potentials can meet national development agenda and help reach its climate goals

26 Jun 2018

The Blue Carbon Summit will bring together Indonesian policy makers, top national and international scientists, civil society, donors and the media to explore how the country’s blue carbon resources can become part of its agenda to meet its global climate commitments. The summit is an initiative organized by Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPI) in collaboration with the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), and supported by Global Landscape Forum (GLF).