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This digital summit is now over.

Date : 5 December 2018
Time : 14:00 - CET (Use this tool to convert to your local time zone)

Building a movement – rallying thousands of people towards collective action – is an undeniably exciting concept, but what does it actually mean to create a movement? And how does one movement build?

In an era of buzzwords, this GLF Digital Summit will break down how any project, organization, or idea can systematically build a ground swell of community support and action. This interactive conversation will provide participants with both innovative outreach tactics and a framework to amplify grassroots movements. By answering key questions on movement building, as it relates to sustainable landscapes, and the use of digital and social media tools, participants will learn how to light a flame to spark a movement and maintain the fire.

Expert speakers will analyze real-life case studies from the GLF community and projects showcased at GLF Bonn 2018 while providing advice on how to mobilize community support and raise awareness. Featuring experts from digital strategies and the landscapes approach, participants to this digital summit will learn to:

  • Un-pack the idea of a movement and define their own, project-specific movement
  • Apply the framework of a landscape approach to engage all stakeholders and ensure sustainability
  • Understand an array of communication tools to amplify your message
  • Utilize digital strategies to amplify messages and mobilize communities towards action

Speakers: Pooja Munshi, Cora van Oosten, Yusuf Yahya