FAO–GLF Digital Forum

Transforming food systems with forests

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29 September, 13:00–17:00 GMT+2



This Digital Forum will explore how forests can help transform global food systems.

Agriculture and forestry can provide crucial tools to support sustainable development and tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges, including hunger, malnutrition, climate change, and biodiversity loss, which have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

System Solutions

These challenges can only be addressed through a coordinated and cross-sectoral approach that presents agriculture and forestry as solutions. This includes conserving, restoring and sustainably managing forests, avoiding deforestation, and maintaining ecosystem services.

In this Digital Forum, we will showcase and promote best practices to enhance synergies, including agroforestry and the restoration of agrosilvopastoral lands, as well as the adoption of innovative approaches and the latest technologies.

The World Forest Week

The Digital Forum is part of the 8th World Forest Week and will kick off the 26th Session of the FAO Committee on Forestry (COFO26), to be held from 3–7 October. It will provide space for FAO, partners and FAO Members to discuss topics related to forestry and agriculture linkages, food security, financing, gender and inclusiveness, and digital innovations. FAO has been a GLF Charter Member since 2021.


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For more information, please visit the FAO Forestry Communication Toolkit.


Theresa Loeffler

Theresa Loeffler

Forestry Officer, FAO Forestry Division



Nina Haase

Engagement and Growth Coordinator