GLF Amazonia 2021: As it happened

On 21–23 September 2021, the GLF Amazonia digital conference put forth one clear message: the protection of the Amazon is crucial for the survival of people and ecosystems globally. Titled “The Tipping Point – Solutions from the Inside Out,” the event featured the foremost scientists conducting researching the Amazon’s dieback, Indigenous leaders sharing the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, the latest satellite technology developers monitoring the biome, young people who will continue some of the world’s most ancient cultures and traditions, political leaders shaping the region’s policy, and new partnerships aimed at achieving environmental sustainability and secure rights for Amazonian peoples. Sessions, plenaries and launches were viewed more that 15,000 times, and key messages reached 27 million on social media.

Jazz Mota, Founder and Director of Ava Amazonia and a Youth in Landscapes Initiative representative, speaks at the closing plenary of GLF Amazonia from Belém, Pará State, Brazil

Event highlights

#GLFAmazonia 2021 Photo Competition

Strong competition from remarkable photos illustrating the unique beauty of the Amazon Biome, and a global determination to defend it, made the jury’s final decision difficult – but the winning entries of the GLF Amazonia photo competition have been chosen! We received an overwhelming response, with photos of exceptional quality, diversity, creativity and passion that were submitted from all over the world.

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