With approximately 50 million hectares of land afflicted by degradation, Africa faces perhaps the toughest ecological test of any continent: widespread deforestation and land degradation but with the fewest resources to combat them. But necessity is the mother of invention and the people of Africa are responding to the challenge at every level of society through new methods of cooperation, adaptation and innovation.

The GLF regional conference “Landscape Restoration in Africa: Prospects and Opportunities” will seek to maximise the dialogue that has already achieved such success. Through the prism of rights, finance, food and livelihoods and measuring progress, the conference will focus attention on to areas with the greatest potential for deliverable results. The event will amplify the political momentum that has already amassed behind landscape restoration and drive forward regional cooperation. Rooted in cutting-edge environmental science, the event will spark a grassroots movement across Africa, designed to achieve dynamic, inclusive and sustainable development across the continent.

Combining the need for both political and financial support, the event will focus specifically on coordinating capacity-building. Speakers and participants will utilize a full range of global, national, regional and local insights into policy and practice. The event aims to achieve the following:

  • Leverage and deepen existing networks, particularly at the regional level.
  • Demonstrate that food security and environmental degradation are not mutually exclusive by balancing the long and short terms concern.
  • Integrate the rights and resources of communities, vulnerable groups and smallholders into the vision of sustainable longer term prosperity.
  • Scrutinise closely the ways in which technological innovations can deliver development goals and measure their success.

Inclusive participation sits at the heart of all GLF events and Nairobi will be no different. While Knowledge Fairs and TEDx-style Landscape Talks will illuminate new initiatives and innovations, a wide array of activities, such as journalism and investment training, will give participants the skills they need to become leaders in their fields and networking opportunities will forge new partnerships between participants.


The people you'll meet

The GLF Nairobi 2018 event will be highlighting the launch of the next GLF phase and will be building a Community of Landscapes, including scientists, community and indigenous representatives alongside development professionals and policy experts.  

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