Dr Ifo Suspense

Marien Ngouabi University, Republic of Congo

Francis Müller

Director of Peatland Pole Relay
Federation of Natural Areas Conservatories, France

Valérie Ramahavalisoa

Head of the Service for watershed management
Ministry of Environment, Madagascar

Valérie Ramahavalisoaholds Master in geographer specialized in environment and land use planning, Head of the Service for watershed management at the Ministry of Environment, Ecology and Forests, National Focal Point for Soil projects (funded by GIZ), and Member of the FLR national committee. She is among the coach-trainer for the FLR process topic and ensuring the training for local and sectorial government representatives. As government representative, she contributed in the preparation of the implementation of PADAP project, a major project which is aims at sustainable agriculture through landscape approach funded by the world bank (TOR of preparatory studies, activities programming and planning…). She also participated in the drafting of Madagascar ER-Programm (Emission reduction idea note) based on watershed approach. She is among the editors of the document called “African Mountain Status” (led by ARCOS Rwanda) and member of the drafting committee of the Madagascar 4thNational Report on biological diversity.


Simon Rafanomezantsoa

Senior Officer on Terrestrial Biodiversity
WWF Madagascar Country Office

Simon Rafanomezantsoaworks at WWF Madagascar Country Office as the Senior Officer on Terrestrial Biodiversity. He is the WWF Forest Practice focal point of WWF Madagascar, leading therefore the forest programme and related activities. He is member of the national FLR committee in Madagascar bringing the experience and expertise of his organization on various areas. He also works on protected areas (creation, management and evaluation) and has recently supported the Ministry for Environment, Ecology and Forest to develop a national Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool (METT) for the protected areas system in Madagascar. He serves as the focal point for his office on wetlands (including mangroves) mainly in the context of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. For this, he supports landscape teams in managing and restoring mainly mangroves in western Madagascar brings up to the national level their lessons learned for improving policy and strategies.


Nancy Githaiga

Head of Policy Research and Innovation
WWF - Kenya

Nancy Githaiga has over 15 years’ experience in Policy discourses, Community Based Natural Resources Management and in Water Resources Management, working with policy makers to influence the policy environment and importantly, with communities to promote conservation as well as improve livelihoods of the custodians of natural resources – the people that derive their livelihoods from natural resources.  She is currently working on exploring innovative and impactful solutions for conservation challenges.  Nancy has Graduate Education in Hydrology (PGD) and in Climate Change both from the University of Nairobi. She received her BSc in Appropriate Technology from Kenyatta University.


Anthony Ochieng

Wildlife Ecologist, Nature and Wildlife Photographer, Traveler, Educator and Explorer

Anthony Ochieng is a Kenyan born, Wildlife Ecologist, Nature and Wildlife Photographer, Traveler, Educator and Explorer. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management from Moi University and currently pursuing Masters in Wildlife Management in Karatina University.

During his teenage days, Anthony had a unique interest in nature that built the unique bond between him and relationships with others. He has been an active young figure in conservation field having worked for African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (Giraffe Center)-Nairobi as an environmental educator, Conservation Enterprise Development Program then under Laikipia Wildlife Forum (LWF) as Training Extension Service, Monitoring and Evaluation officer,  Laikipia Wildlife Forum Secretariat, as an Assistant Fundraising, Monitoring and Evaluation and Donor relation officer and BirdLife International as Senior Project Officer (Monitoring and Evaluation) under the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF)-Eastern Afromontane Hotspot.

Currently he is using photography to link people and nature, through Conservation Research Photography, Visual Ecological Literacy Program (VELP) and Conservation Stories.

Anthony has so far achieved the following awards, Top 20 finalist: Heart of Kenya, a Nikon Kenya competition, Picfair Celebrating Africa: 3rd position under city life category, PhotoKenya School  and  Russell E. Train, Education for Nature Programme Grants

Visit www.tonywild.co.ke to learn more about Anthony’s work of linking people and nature.


Lawrence Afere

Springboard Nigeria
Representative Youth in Landscape

Lawrence Afere is an organic farmer and founder of Springboard Nigeria, a social enterprise that uses organic farming and healthy food production to create meaningful and responsible work for rural and semi urban youth and women in Nigeria. Presently, Springboard has over 3000 members within its network of organic farmers and village women entrepreneurs. Springboard farmers grow plantain, banana, vegetables, pepper, cocoa, corn, pineapple and pawpaw. And they also convert their farm produce into several products. Lawrence envisions a Nation where everyone has access to fresh, local, healthy, affordable food, communities feel connected to the land and each other and where rural and semi-urban youth are active leaders in the area of organic farming and healthy food production


Habtemariam Kassa

Team Leader, Forests and Human Well-being

Dr. Habtemariam Kassa, new scientist from the Forests and Livelihood Programme starts his appointment with CIFOR on January 3, 2005. Habte is based in Addis Ababa located at ILRI office. Previously before joining CIFOR Habte was employed by the Virginia Tech Consortium as an extension associate for a USAID funded project. The project focuses about paradigm shift in agricultural research and extension in Amhara National Regional State of Ethiopia. Habte obtained his PhD in Rural Development Studies in 2003 from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. He also obtained his MSc in Rural Development Studies from the same University as well as MSc in Agriculture from Ecole Nationale Superieure Agronomique de Montpellier, France. His BSc is in Agriculture from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. He will be mostly doing his research in Africa.