Partner Event

The role of urban forests and green spaces in improving community resilience and reducing the harmful impact of COVID-19

10 September 2020

The webinar will focus on how the natural capital of a city has an important influence on the wellbeing of urban dwellers. This will be examined by experts from different sectors that will attempt to give a balanced view of how to optimize urban forestry management for health outcomes.

The webinar will aim to inform city administrators and decision-makers about the contribution that urban forests and green spaces can provide in preventing and facing the spread, morbidity and mortality from COVID-19, as well as in responding to its implications. Potential partners with whom joint actions will be taken towards COVID-related and other health policy responses at country, regional and global levels will be identified.

  • Coordinator: Simone Borelli, Forestry Officer, Agroforestry and Urban and Periurban Forestry, FAO
  • Co-organizing institutions: Sapienza University; University of Sheffield; World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre, University of Exeter; City of Singapore; the Galician Landscape School

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