Violet Amoabeng

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Skin Gourmet Limited

Violet A. Amoabeng is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Skin Gourmet Limited, a Ghanaian innovation that creates Raw handmade skincare sourced from the Wild of Ghana and so pure you can eat it.

Violet created Skin Gourmet about 5 years ago, (9th October, 2014) when she realized there was need for unadulterated high quality body care that was safe for human consumption. In other words, the rawest, purest and wildest skin care sourced from the heart of the West African bush – Raw edible skincare!

Through Skin Gourmet, Violet has learned about the beauty of Ghana and her company’s products are all handmade using traditional Ghanaian methods that keep the product in its rawest form while increasing the efficacy of the products. Violet has always been a lover of mother earth and is trying to create a unique line that is sustainable, will push Ghana forward and teach Africans that their culture should be preserved because, as she puts it ” Nature is perfect – its man that is flawed” and our African traditions respect, enhance and preserve and as such we should in turn make the effort to preserve our tradition by adapting our bodies and lifestyles to suit nature instead of the other way around.