• Wednesday, 30 October 2019
  • 16:30-17:30 UTC+00:00
  • Room: Main Hall

Plenary: African Women in Sustainable Business and Environment Management

Main Hall

Women and men often use and manage resources in different ways, while also observing and experiencing degradation differently. Indeed, in many countries, women traditionally have had the responsibility for many aspects of land use and management, including collection and preparation of fuelwood, fodder, water, fruits, medicinal herbs and seeds. Despite a growing focus on gender at all levels, gender disparities remain, including unequal access to land, resources, opportunities, and decision-making power. Due to gender-blind restoration activities, environmental degradation increases the burden on women.

Because women across Africa have long been agents of change, the objective of this plenary is to share perspectives on the fundamental role and important contribution of women in Africa to the restoration agenda. This will generate dialogue on the challenges, experiences and opportunities of addressing gender equality and women’s empowerment in environmental management and business. Panelists will present initiatives led by women who “dare to invent the future of Africa”, showing how their work, leadership and contributions positively impact social, economic and environmental progress in the continent.