Valérie Ramahavalisoa

Head of the Service for watershed management
Ministry of Environment, Madagascar

Valérie Ramahavalisoaholds Master in geographer specialized in environment and land use planning, Head of the Service for watershed management at the Ministry of Environment, Ecology and Forests, National Focal Point for Soil projects (funded by GIZ), and Member of the FLR national committee. She is among the coach-trainer for the FLR process topic and ensuring the training for local and sectorial government representatives. As government representative, she contributed in the preparation of the implementation of PADAP project, a major project which is aims at sustainable agriculture through landscape approach funded by the world bank (TOR of preparatory studies, activities programming and planning…). She also participated in the drafting of Madagascar ER-Programm (Emission reduction idea note) based on watershed approach. She is among the editors of the document called “African Mountain Status” (led by ARCOS Rwanda) and member of the drafting committee of the Madagascar 4thNational Report on biological diversity.