Uwase Hirwa Honorine

Miss Earth Rwanda 2017

Miss Popularity Rwanda 2017; UWASE HIRWA Honorine; recently titled Miss Earth Rwanda 2017, is a public / motivational speaker, passionate in empowering and learning with the youth to do right! She has worked with Youth Impact Mission (YIM) to equip the youth with leadership skills, Red Cross – Rwanda for humanitarian services, Peace and Love Pro-claimers (PLP) and Aegis Trust to promote forgiveness and reconciliation, Government institutions such as NCC to promote children’s rights, Africa Improved Food (AIF) to promote nutrition and now partnering with International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as an FLR Ambassador (Forest and landscape Restoration) to run and coordinate national campaigns whose primarily aim is to raise awareness on sustainable management of our forests to private sectors, public institutions and specially to the youth.