Raymond Jakub

Senior Manager for Data & Fisheries
Rare Indonesia

Raymond Jakub is the Senior Manager for Data & Fisheries of Rare Indonesia, working to improve small-scale fisheries management in Indonesia by inspiring people to adopt more sustainable fishing habits and better fisheries management, through a behavior change methodology. In his role, he oversees the biological, fisheries and technical aspect of the program across different sites in Indonesia, from strategic planning, program development and implementation. With over 10 years of experience in community facilitation, Raymond works in partnership with government, local communities and other organizations to collaboratively achieve the shared conservation and fisheries goals. His biggest interest is to bridge science into practical approaches that can be adopted by communities and to ensure their sustainability. A recipient of the Pew Marine Fellowship in 2017, Raymond engages audiences in South East Sulawesi, West Papua and Jakarta to contribute in fisheries data collection to support a replicable small-scale fishery catch recording mechanism, that can be used by local fishermen, buyers and local government in managing their fisheries. Prior to his time with Rare, he was the conservation coordinator for The Nature Conservancy in Indonesia.