Liam O’Meara

Chief Executive Officer
The Bamboo Trading Company

Liam was born and brought up in Kenya. He completed his primary education at a boarding school in Kenya’s Rift Valley, his secondary education at a Benedictine monastery in Ireland and his degree in Business & Marketing at a private college in Ireland.
He has since worked in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and South Sudan. He has worked extensively in agriculture and forestry. He has also worked for Aggreko, the world’s largest emergency power supply company.
He has spent many years developing a number of Kenya’s indigenous species of vegetation, primarily bamboo, acacia, tarchonanthus and euclea, into “cash crops” for industrial energy: hot water, steam & electricity. Most of Africa’s energy comes from “wood fuel”… the cheapest form of portable energy on the continent. Millions of tonnes of sustainable firewood, charcoal and wood chip are needed across the continent. Liam’s core beliefs: the people of Africa are ambitious, materialistic and they need to benefit commercially from their flora and fauna – preferably in a sustainable manner.