Jam Muhammad Khalid

National Farmer Field School Specialist
FAO Pakistan

Jam Muhammad Khalid is a National Farmer Field School Specialist at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAOPK). Jam has recently served as Manager Programs on SOFT Pakistan and National Expert on developing Sustainable Land Management Policy for four provinces of Pakistan with UNDP. He also did the Federal Government as Senior Scientist and National IPM/FFS Expert at Pakistan Agriculture Research Council in the past. With more than 20 years of experience in field school approaches with various national and international organizations, Jam has introduced innovative learning models for smallholder farmers. Recently he introduced Jam’s 4 Colors (a color-based shortest language for illiterates and poorly literates) and Ecosystem Analysis boards for crops, orchards, livestock and backyard farming to promote participatory analytical learning by doing actions for smallholder farmers under the field school approach. Jam is also a member of the Global FFS Forum and currently working on transforming Indus Basin Agriculture with Climate Resilient Agriculture agenda through the field school approach at the FAO, Multan, Pakistan.