Auma Sharon

Grassroots Land Activist

Auma Sharon, is a Ugandan grassroots land activist hailing from Ogwaleng Valley village in Pader town council, Pader district in Northern Uganda. Northern Uganda is one of the regions that was hugely affected by the LRA war that forced many people to live in internally displaced camps hence abandoning their indigenous land. In Post War Northern Uganda, land disputes are common since majority of the people have been absent from their land for long due to the war. Those who have suffered the most are women who have been discriminated against when it comes to owning, accessing and controlling land. However, with support from the Stand for her land campaign in Uganda, women from organised groups including myself have been equipped with knowledge and skills on Land rights. Using this knowledge, I have mediated 12 land conflicts in my district under the Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism. I have also been trained on several occasions under the Stand for Her Campaign Uganda on strengthening the Grassroots Women agency in land governance and I have passed on the acquired information to my fellow women at the grassroots level and I am glad communities in Pader are slowly accepting the need to advance women’s Land Rights.