Anna van Paddenburg

Head of Sustainable Landscapes
GGGI - Investment and Policy Solutions Division

Anna van Paddenburg is Head of Sustainable Landscapes at GGGI’s Investment and Policy Solutions Division and oversees GGGI’s global strategy on Sustainable Landscapes working closely with Latin America, Africa and Asia-Pacific GGGI Member Countries. Her portfolio covers forest, agriculture, coastal and marine sectors with relevance to climate and food security, sustainable growth and development. In collaboration with member countries, her team originates projects and designs scalable green business models in partnership with communities, financiers and private sector and find innovative solutions to reduce risks and enhance returns. Anna previously served as Indonesia Country Representative of GGGI working with the Government of Indonesia on plans, policies and scaling of REDD+, renewable energy and economic zones projects at both national and subnational levels. Anna has over 15 years experience in emerging and developing countries and has extensively worked on the integration of natural capital in investment and policy decisions. She authored the 2012 Heart of Borneo: Investing in nature for a green economy, WWF publication, a cutting edge spatial-economic assessment on a local geography highlighting environmental and social impacts of a green economy. A dutch national with a diverse background and youth in remote parts of Papua New Guinea & the Indonesian archipelago, Anna is now based at GGGI’s headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.