Anna Lehmann

WillifeWorks, Global Climate Policy Director and Member of the PFP Executive Committee
Wildlife Works Carbon

Anna has been involved in shaping carbon markets on both the supply and the demand sides for compliance as well as voluntary regimes for over 20 years. She started CDM and JI project development in 2001, advised utilities under the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme, and served as an investment advisor for two carbon market funds (ISCCP USD 280m; CCISA EUR 80m). From 2008 to 2018, she served as Vice President Policy for the London-based Climate Markets and Investment Association ( Anna holds an MSc in Agricultural Engineering from Göttingen University and started her career as a field economist alongside government-funded rural development programs. Humbled by the knowledge of farmers and communities around the world, she pursues carbon markets as a means to drive investments into conservation. In 2019, she joined Wildlife Works as Global Climate Policy Director and works with governments and corporations to develop forest conservation and restoration projects centered on Indigenous Peoples and local communities (IPLC) backed by culturally adapted governance and benefit sharing models that truly invest into the guardians of the world’s precious natural spaces.