• 11 November 2022
  • 17:00-18:00
  • Room: The Egypt Hall

Unlocking direct finance for forest communities: A call for community-led conservation

The Egypt Hall

A live, interactive panel bringing together Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLC) representatives, on-the-ground practitioners who are strong advocates for global forest communities, and experts from the carbon markets for a discussion on what strategic action is needed to direct climate finance towards securing and protecting IPLC lands, and in turn helping countries achieve their climate targets and commitments.
The event will allow experts to unpack jurisdictional approaches to conservation finance, including the complexities of “nesting,” a methodology to include forest conservation projects into a country’s national climate targets. It will also touch on how we can ensure equitable investment partnerships with underrepresented demographics and enable greater participation in the carbon markets to achieve the best for both the people and the planet.
The Peoples Forests Partnership was announced at COP 26 in Glasgow late last year to address why only 1% of current climate finance reaches IPLC groups, despite half the world’s land being managed and held by IPLCs. Indigenous people and their cultures have been guardians of the forest for centuries. In the current climate crisis, saving carbon-rich tropical forests is recognized as one of the most important mitigation strategies. Rights-based carbon projects present a scalable solution to leverage international climate finance to make forest conservation’s environmental and economic investments equitable for all stakeholders.