• Wednesday, 30 May 2018
  • Washington, D.C. time (EDT)
  • Room: B2 Auditorium

Delivering scalable and replicable finance in natural capital

B2 Auditorium

This talk will focus on delivering scalable and replicable finance in natural capital with a specific focus on real assets, debt and growth equity strategies at the nexus between sustainable production and environmental protection.

There is a huge gap between the level of funding that is needed to protect the world’s valuable ecosystems, and actual money that is being directed into them, most of which, to date, has come from public or charitable sources. However, this is truly beginning to change, with an increase in the use of private capital being used to achieve positive conservation outcomes along with competitive commercial returns. Althelia has been at the forefront of “conservation finance” and we are now able to point to specific examples of how investments can be structured and show performance, as well as how we demonstrate the high levels of measurable positive social and environmental impact of these investments.

We will use a case study of one of our Latin American investments highlighting impacts achieved supporting (and mapped to) the SDGs, with KPIs reported on livelihoods, inclusivity (gender) sustainable enterprise, climate, species conservation, ecosystems and fair, proportional economic value creation for investors and community stakeholders alike.