Partner Event

Forest Invasive Species – the next global pandemic?

29 July 2020

The webinar will focus on international collaboration on managing transboundary forest pests and diseases, and will aim to raise awareness on the importance of international collaboration and preventative measures in managing forest-invasive species.

  • Coordinators: Shiroma Sathyapala, Forestry Officer, FAO; Norbert Winkler-Ráthonyi, Forestry Officer, FAO
  • Co-organizing institutions: Forest Invasive Species Networks Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Near East

A series of forestry and COVID-19 related webinars will be organized between July and October 2020. This webinar series is organized under the auspices of the FAO Forestry Technical Network (FTN). The Network intends to ensure a high standard of technical excellence and promote innovation in FAO’s work in forestry by providing a platform to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences.

The FTN webinar series builds on the outcomes of the COVID-19 Forestry Webinar Week under the theme Building back better: COVID-19 pandemic recovery contributions from the forest sector, which took place 22-25 June 2020.