Announcing the winners of the GLF Climate 2022 Photo Competition

From Brazil to Kenya, Iceland to Bangladesh, we received thousands of photos showing how climate change has been impacting our lives. 

Thank you to everyone who voted for the popular vote winner. Our judges have gone through every photo and selected the first and second prize winners.

And the winners are…

Dry Season

by Le Van Vinh

Sundarbans Being Threatened by Climate Change

by Jibon Ahmed

Climate Migrants Due to Climate Change

by Dipayan Bose

Congratulations to all of our winners, and thank you to our nominees and everyone who submitted a photo or cast a vote. Plus, a heartfelt thank you to our judges:

Gab Mejia

Conservation Documentary Photographer

Gab Mejia is a Filipino conservation photographer, environmental storyteller, and engineer. His work focuses on stories on the climate crisis, endangered wildlife, and the intersectionality of culture and the environment. He is a National Geographic Explorer and an Emerging League Fellow in the International League of Conservation Photographers, and he has published stories on National Geographic, Nikon, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), and ArtPartner, among other art and media platforms. He currently resides as a Board of Trustee for the World Wide Fund for Nature–Philippines and continues to explore alternative narratives and depictions of the oneness of humanity with nature through stills, motion, and written word.

Viviane Ponti

Commercial Photographer

Viviane (Vee-Vee-AH-nee) is a commercial photographer based in Toronto, Canada. She graduated with honors from Melbourne’s RMIT Australia in 2005 (Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Photography – Photojournalism). Since graduating, she has been an active photographer for Lonely Planet Images, and her travel folio is also represented by Getty Images. Viviane is a contributor for Airbnb, photographing exclusive properties worldwide. She has been published in several international media, magazines and travel guides such as BBC London, BBC Travel, Lonely Planet Travel Guides and The New York Times, to name a few. She works closely with architects, property developers, interior designers, real estate businesses, magazines (editorial), web designers and families.

Sydelle Willow Smith

Storyteller and impact campaign strategist

Sydelle Willow Smith is a storyteller and impact campaign strategist based in Cape Town, South Africa, working across Africa. Her focus areas include memory, identity, migration and whiteness. She is the co-founder of Africa’s first solar powered cinema network Sunshine Cinema.

Miora Rajaonary

Independent Photographer and National Geographic Explorer

Miora Rajaonary is a documentary photographer born and raised in Madagascar, currently based in Mauritius. Through her work, she strives to find new angles and stories on cultural and environmental issues in contemporary Africa. For the past two years, Miora has concentrated her efforts on food security and local initiatives to push it back in Africa. Miora is a National Geographic Explorer. She was named the winner of the Juror’s Choice of the 2019 edition of THE FENCE, the First Prize of the Addis Foto Fest’s Portfolio Review in December 2018, and one of the four winners of the inaugural Getty + Array Grant in July 2018.

Here are all of the shortlisted photos and special messages from our finalists.

by Cécilia Delattre
by Derrick Milimo
by Kyaw Zay Yar Lin
by Marcio Esteves Cabral
Nicholas Shawn Mugarura