The strategy of mangrove forest potency development in Labuhan Vllage, Bangkalan Regency as a blue conservation and ecotourism object

Mohammad Naufal
In the Labuhan village, Bangkalan, Madura, there is a mangrove forest that was recently used as a tourist area. Based on the map of vegetation distribution of villages conducted by PVIA Research Group ITS in 2014, Labuhan Village has 6.64 ha of mangrove area. The extent of the mangrove area makes it very potential to be used as a conservation and ecotourism object. Based on the explanation, Bangkalan government needs to think to manage wisely this area because it is still in the new category. So it needs a development strategy to increase tourism potential and the number of tourists. Thus, the researcher strives to see the potential of mangrove ecotourism in Labuhan village, Bangkalan regency and how its development strategy. Purposive Sampling Technique and Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) is used as research methods. This method was chosen because it emphasizes the approach that provides an opportunity for planners and managers of a tourist area in order to increase the potential and solve the problems that are happening. This research is expected to give suggestion about the potential of mangrove forest so it can be managed sustainably and can support the economy in Labuhan Village, and Bangkalan regency in general.
Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), Ecotourism, Labuhan Mangrove, Strategy Development
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Daniel Murdiyarso/CIFOR
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