Optimization of hybrid powered refrigerator system (solar cell plus diesel engine) for traditional fishing vessels in Makassar

Soetyono Iskandar, Moch. Bruri Triyono, Nurlaela Latief, A. Muh. Idkhan
This research design of a hybrid-powered refrigerator system (solar cell plus diesel engine) in future fishing vessels is examined. The principal aim of this research is the utilization of renewable energy with the use of solar cell technology, as well as a diesel engine, to drive a cooling system for fishing vessels. This technology uses a panel of solar cells yielding 500 W. It was used to power a refrigerator with a power of 100 W, It was used to power a refrigerator with a power of 100 W, in a temperature range of -2°C to -6°C, so that durable fish caught by fishermen on the vessel Poetere in Makassar could be preserved. The research is expected to encourage fishermen to apply this technology, causing an increase in the quality of seafood and at the same time, an increase in the economic value of the fishing industry because ice blocks will not be needed to cool the fishing vessel hold. Result of reconnaissance of cooling engine happened - 2,5 oC with dividing valve in evapotaror around 160 Cm Hg and pressure in compressor around 20 Kgf/Cm2.
Hybird power, solar cell, diesel engine, refrigerator, economic value.
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Mokhamad Edliadi/CIFOR
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