• Day 1: Tuesday, 17 July 2018
  • 16:30-18:00 Jakarta time (GMT+7)

Coastal blue carbon (seagrass) and climate change

Auditorium (Floor 2)
Despite Indonesia being recognized as having seagrass ecosystems with some of the greatest diversity in the world, the sustainability and management of these ecosystems receive relatively little attention. Many critical and significant roles of seagrass such as carbon sequestration and storage, the stabilization of sustainable artisanal fisheries and other services need to be explored further. Potential discussion topics:
  • Seagrass meadows: below-water treasures and their ecosystem services
  • Carbon sequestration and storage by seagrass
  • Seagrass in the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and Paris Agreement
  • Seagrass and the local economy

Presented papers

Rohani Ambo Rappe Variability in the carbon storage of seagrass habitats
Rohani Ambo Rappe
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Devi N Choesin Estimation of blue carbon in seagrass meadows: problems and perspectives
Devi N Choesin, Dian Rosleine, and M Hizrian Irda
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Wawan Kiswara Seagrass and carbon studies in Indonesian waters
Wawan Kiswara
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A’an J. Wahyudi Carbon stock and uptake potential by seagrass meadows and mangrove ecosystem in Indonesia
A’an J. Wahyudi, Afdal, Novi Susetyo Adi, Agustin Rustam, Hadiyanto, Susi Rahmawati, Andri Irawan, I Wayan E. Dharmawan, Bayu Prayudha, Muhammad Hafizt, Hanif B. Prayitno, Yusmiana P. Rahayu, Tubagus Solihudin, Restu Nur Afi Ati, Terry Louise Kepel, Mariska Astrid K., August Daulat, Hadiwijaya L. Salim, Nasir Sudirman, Devi D. Suryono, Wawan Kiswara, Indarto H. Supriyadi
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Yusmiana P Rahayu Sources of organic carbon in seagrass sediments in spermonde archipelago, Indonesia
Yusmiana P. Rahayu, Tubagus Solihuddin, Mariska A. Kusumaningtyas, Restu N. Afi Ati, Hadiwijaya L. Salim, Agustin Rustam, Nasir Sudirman, Tim Rixen, Andreas A. Hutahaean
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Atika Rahmah Comparison of carbon absorption and storage potential in macroalgae gracilaria verrucosa with halimeda opuntia in Muara Binuangeun, Lebak District, Banten
Atika Rahmah, Mufti Petala Patria, Titi Soedjiarti
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