Get in here darlings; let me inject some fun loving ways to be a FOODIE!

GLF 2017 Blog Competition
Dorcas Omole

HEALTHY AND TASTY FOOD – In no particular order, your foods should be tasty and healthy at ALL times. This is very important because it’s the secret to craving more. When you eat meals that are healthy and tasty at the same time you are more likely to stick eating more. Just because you are not eating Pizza or sharwarma does not mean you can’t enjoy your foods. Don’t because of that over spice your food anyway oh. Balance is key. I won’t even eat foods that are not tasty, I can’t even pretend. I will just wear my ‘innocent face’ and tell you No! Mbanu!

COOK YOUR MEALS – As often as possible, learn to cook your meals. Look up a recipe that will make your meals enjoyable and trigger your taste buds. I’ll advice giz dodo if you ask me. That meal is heavenly! There’s always a level of satisfaction that comes with eating your OWN cooked meals. My mind use to do ‘gbish gbish’ when I take a picture of my food and peeps are going crrrraaazzzzy! That doesn’t mean you’ll black out eating out sha. Although, there are sometimes that one will cook and you’ll be exhausted resulting to eating less. When it happens, don’t make a fuss about it. You will definitely come around.

DON’T EAT ALONE – have you heard this adage before ‘eat alone, die alone’ well it’s true! *straight face* how in your good conscience will you be eating good food alone? How? Please if you’re in this habit, kindly stop it. LOL. There is nowhere in the book that say you cannot invite someone to your house when eating. That’s if you stay alone sha. You can’t be inviting someone to eat with your family in this recession. But you can invite me sha. Just give me at least 30 minutes notice. I’ll be there. LOL there’s joy in eating with people. When I was serving in AI, I rarely ate alone. It’s just a very healthy habit that’ll make you eat more and have a good time.

BE THANKFUL – When is the last time that you were thankful for your meal? This one might seem a little weird, but I think when we’re trying to diet we start to feel pressure around our meals. That they should be perfect, and that eating should not be fun. Take a deep breath and always say a word of prayer to God for his provisions. Take your time and enjoy your meal. Why not try taking a second look at your meal and just enjoy eating it, be thankful. Even in this recession period, we still have food to eat. Godwin!

HEALTHY EATING HABITS – Eat moderately. Personally, I don’t eat large portions cos I’ll get tired easily. That’s the secret to my unending rounds of food! Don’t be a ‘jeunkoku’ your tummy does not recognize that it is full until about 20 minutes after you start eating. So if you are scarfing down your meals, is not me you’re doing, you’re only doing yourself. Lol. Please just stop eating when you will feel fullness set it, don’t over eat at night cos you’ll just bloat and it’ll make you resent food. If you’re on diet, focus on what is on your plate, not what you think you should eat. Anybody that’s complaining about your meal, eat them too. -_-. Dieting can be fun too.

Finally, Food should be a source of energy and should be enjoyed at all times. It is a major part of our lives, and if you do not take care of you, who will? Enjoy a meal and make it tasty! Surround yourself with Foodies like me!

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