Restoration of the Global Landscape

GLF 2017 Blog Competition
Karisio Seveyage

Restoration is the practice of renewing and restoring degraded, damaged or destroyed ecosystems by practical human intervention and action “saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth…these are the same fight. We must connect dots between climate change, water scarcity, energy shortage, global health, food security and women empowerment. Solution to one problem must be solution for all”. said Ban- ki- moon. There are shocking environment facts and statistics: 7,543,612,511 is the world population right now, 3,104,050,879 the number of consumers right now,1.6780631160 the number of planet Earths we need to provide resources and absorb our waste, 49,879,685,027 tones of resources extracted from Earth per year, 1,768,453,513 tones of wastes dumped globally per year, 1001.1312 Hectares desert growth and 2,982,179 Deaths from dirty water and related diseases.

Restoration of water resources, The world is almost turning into desert due to the destruction of the water sources for example in my local community the people depend to cultivate in the valley near the water sources to make their livelihood. The government approach was poor as it prohibited the people to cultivate in the valley without looking for alternative solution such as irrigation schemes. There are many importance slogan on water such as ‘No water, no life’, ‘Either rich or poor, everyone needs water’, ‘Want to know value of water?, visit a backward desert’. ‘There is no alternative to water’, ‘Hey man! Don’t waste water.’ ‘Save water, it doesn’t grow in trees’. Data shows 90% of waste water in the developing countries remain untreated 4,742,734,786 tones of fresh water are used globally per day. There are more than 4,982,397,479 people without sewage system. There are 3,383,213,188 number of people in need of Water and 2,982,179 deaths from dirty water and related diseases. There should be conservation of water sources so as to restore the landscape of the Earth.

Restoration of landscape of the land, the earth landscape has been disputed by human population increase and intervention in their economic and social activities, the recent research show that there are about 10760871.60 hectares of forests cut down or burned globally per year. There is also rapid growing land pollution such there are about 1,364,712,086 tones of waste from households for example in my local area there is no dump truck hence there is high pollution. There should be restoration of land by planting trees as there are only about 4337715.7 hectares of replanted forest globally per year while there are more than 10760871.60 hectares of forest cut down or burned globally per year. We need to promote development that does not destroy our environment said environmentalist Wangari Maathai.

Restoration of plants landscape, The valuable species of plants have disappeared for example ‘Mninga’ which is the name of my local area named after the disappearance of this valuable scarce type of tree that used to be in this area. “Sadly it is much easier to create desert than a forest” said James Lovelock. “The death of the forest is the end of our life” Said Doroth Stang. The recent research on environmental facts shows that there is 4337715.7 Hectares of replanted forests globally per year while there are about 10760871.60 Hectares of forests cut down or burnt globally per year and there are about 100101.1312 Hectares of desert growth per year.  There should be a massive campaign on restoration of plants landscape by planting more trees and controlling the bush fire so as to ensure that the number of trees cut down or burnt do not exceed the number of trees planted and replanted.

The restoration of the landscape of the Earth is the role of everybody. You can plant trees and, if you cannot, you may mobilize people to plant trees through campaign. If you can not do that you may write, sing or introduce the television and radio environmental programme on the restoration issue. You may do anything from following up the environmental rules as a responsible citizen up to being environmental leader and environmentalist.

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