Discover the potential of marriage between a woman and Landscapes to achieving Sustainable development

GLF 2017 Blog Competition
Annita Kirwa

It’s so sad to realize how human beings have commited themselves to fragmenting the beautiful landscapes. I pity the Woman who is most Vulnerable to the extreme impacts of climate change. Women have potential, they are heroines and their contribution creates visible results for everyone. Let’s explore this.

How do we get everyone involved and how can we ensure that everyone is involved? The answer is simply to engage a Woman and the society will be involved. She needs freedom to choose a range of goods and services. The saying educate a woman and the whole society will benefit is not a fallacy.

Women play a pivotal role in in conserving and managing land resources and therefore their ability and rights to own land and manage it should be considered Now! Sustainable development cannot be achieved if this industrious creature is not given a chance to voice their case in whatever space and opportunity they can get.

Landscapes and woman are a couple, they feed the society, they are unique, it justifies the statement that “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”. They provide a chance for survival, they are at the Centre of development, and they do not choose who care for both poor and rich. Their relation can reduce extreme poverty and hunger at a great deal. Landscape restoration and reclamation to the formally “garden of Eden” can be hard to achieve but by making small simple steps we shall get there.

Most countries are still developing but this should not be an excuse since our economies largely depend on landscapes which are being affected greatly with the adverse and extreme weather pattern changes as a result of the alarming climate change and global warming. This poses Challenges of insecurity, corruption, deforestation, soil erosion, and desertification, degradation of pastures and watersheds and climate refugees.

Climate change has been associated with adverse effects on food produced in a country as a result of climate related shocks such as drought, famine and diseases.

Who deserves an award for the restoration of landscapes? I would vote for a Woman – they are the best thing that ever happened to the world for spurring growth and enhancing food security despite the challenges they encounter in their daily lives.

Sustainability is key for achievement of development goals, there is no more quails and manna from heaven, there is need for Men too help feed the society using their skills and vast knowledge.

Women deserve admiration, respect, applaud just like other professions because of their contribution to landscape restoration, since historic nobility rests upon them as heroines of the land and therefore, we need well-orchestrated campaign to attract youthful entrance into conservationists and environmental activists. We honor them for the unique and contribution they make to our collective well-being and their active role in development of initiatives of ensuring food security. Indeed their struggles and toils as they press their way to lead the world to the land of Canaan cannot be ignored.

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