• Saturday, 28 September 2019
  • 09:50-10:30

Vision 2030

The aim of the plenary is to have the audience as well as the plenary speakers reflect on their vision for the next 10 years – their Vision 2030.

This plenary will host a moderated panel conversation to spark thinking around uniting across the different Visions for 2030 – from the audience and each speaker – and begin to chart a collective path forward. In doing so, the plenary will highlight the role of finance platforms in investing in sustainable development, the voices of young activists who push for radical changes and the role of Indigenous Peoples whose wisdom and rights must be respected. The plenary will also feature a speech from Lina Dolores Pohl Alfaro, former Minister of Environment of El Salvador who was the driving force behind the idea of a UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. Together, the audience and speakers, will chart a collective way forward to address the climate crisis and restore the Earth.