• Day 2: Thursday, 30 August 2018
  • 17:45-19:15
  • Room: Conference Room 2

Policy Plenary followed by Closing Plenary

Conference Room 2

Policy Plenary


The correct enabling environment is key for transformational change. The plenary will investigate the key policy changes that have or are in the process of being undertaken to create more sustainable landscapes in the region. Additionally, policy makers will be challenged to promote policies, initiatives and other elements that move discussions from “pledging” to action.

Key questions:

1. What are the key policy breakthroughs we have seen over the past few years that are actually leading to more sustainable landscapes in reality?
2. How can policy makers move from pledging to restore to actually seeing restoration happening?
3. What are the responsibilities that policy makers have to smallholders, and other underrepresented groups and how can they effectively engage with these groups in developing new or implementing policies?


Closing Plenary

The closing plenary will provide a short reflection on the event, based on the key innovations that have been heard. Speakers will then provide participants with the pathway forward for scaling and action with a focus on the networks, partnerships and community (broadly) required to create meaningful change.

Key questions:

1. Is this doable? Is there a realistic basis for moving forward based on discussions happening?
2. What is the pathway? Who are the actors? Are they engaged and are we all on the same side?
3. What are our milestones for seeing this success and how can we hold each other accountable to seeing action?