• Day 1: Wednesday, 29 August 2018
  • 16:00-17:30
  • Room: Conference room 1

Side Event 2: Towards a common goal – mobilising contributions towards meeting the AFR100 targets

Conference room 1

Unsustainable sourcing practices for agricultural value chains (e.g. coffee, cocoa, palm oil, soy) and increased demand for land and wood endanger the environment and livelihoods: forests and forest landscapes disappear and with them, the ecosystem functions that human well-being requires. In the long run, unsustainable sourcing practices will lead to a collapse of the agricultural production system as a result of environmental degradation and climate change. It is estimated that global forest landscape restoration (FLR) targets, also promoted by the African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative (AFR100), will need annual investments of $50 billion. Since financial resources from the public sector will be insufficient, the public sector will need to mobilize private sector investment and motivate its stakeholders to set up deforestation-free supply chains and sustainable landscape management practices. The jurisdictional approach offers a solution for sustainable production and income for rural communities as well as for private sector companies.


Opening (5 min):Dr Stefan Schmitz, BMZ

Keynotes (each 5-7 min): H.E Mr Kebede, Ethiopian State Minister of Forestry; Hon Minister Francine Tumushime, Rwanda Ministry of Lands and Forestry (tbc)

Panel Discussion: Towards a common goal – contributions from technical and financial partners to the AFR100 Initiative (45 min):

Moderator: Mr Charles Karangwa, IUCN Regional Coordinator

Mr Ulrich Apel, Senior Environmental Specialist, GEF

Mr Philippe Dardel, Worldbank

Ms Elisabeth Huesing, Heinz Sielmann Stiftung

Ms Mirjam Kuzee, IUCN

Mr Mamadou Diakithé, NEPAD Agency

Moderated Q&As with audience (15 min)

Closing Remarks (5 min): Mr Mamadou Diakithé, AFR100 Secretariat (NEPAD)



  • Present progress made so far and discuss further efforts needed from countries, financial (public/private) and technical partners to achieve AFR100 goals
  • Offer a platform to announce further contributions and showcase concrete examples from various sectors that contribute to FLR in the context of AFR100; 

Building on the 3rd AFR100 Annual Partners Meeting held just before the GLF in Nairobi, the side-event will present progress on delivery of AFR100 targets, present concepts for inclusive and innovative contributions in the context of the overall need for more financial resources towards FLR in Africa.

Links with GLF mission:

The side-event will bring together a variety of stakeholders from different sectors to discuss contributions towards restoration targets, present concepts for innovate and inclusive contributions towards meeting the AFR100 targets, and link important aspects such as finance with the need for inclusive approaches considering youth and gender aspects.