• 07 March 2023
  • 17:30-18:30
  • Room: Room D

Catalyzing investments for landscape restoration in agrifood supply chains: Sharing experiences and tools

Room D

Agribusiness value chains are inherently highly susceptible to risks from climate change and the biodiversity crisis as they are directly dependent on natural capital and ecosystem services. The session will discuss how agribusinesses can manage such risks by investing in landscape restoration, as well as discuss opportunities to attract different types of investors, at different scales (site level, landscape, national, international) from both public and private actors.

The session will launch a new guide developed by IUCN and FOLU which lays out a methodology for agribusinesses to manage their risks through investing in landscape restoration. The guide was developed based on a collaboration with three private sector counterparts working with agricultural commodities (sugar and cocoa value chains in Tanzania, Peru, and Ghana) on how to restore landscapes in their supply chains.