Production, Protection, Inclusion: A multi-layered approach to achieving sustainable production, forest protection and social inclusion

2 Jun 2018

Organisation: IDH Description: IDH promotes a vision of landscapes where sustainable production of agro-commodities contributes to the protection and restoration of critical ecosystems, while enhancing communities’ livelihoods. This vision can’t be achieved by relying solely on public funding. A key question that many organizations are struggling with, is how to structure landscape initiatives so that […]

IT platform and tools for the community eco-credit movement

2 Jun 2018

The pitch rests on the clear need for an new means of financing small-scale producers who are vital for sustainable landscape management but are often excluded from formal financial systems. The proposed investment of half a million dollars, would allow the platform to vastly improve its capacity to provide investors and donors with defined environmental […]

Sustainable landscapes rating tool – providing information to facilitate investment in sustainable landscapes

1 Jun 2018

Organisation: CCBA Description: A new Sustainable Landscapes Rating Tool offers rapid and objective assessment of jurisdictional policy and enabling governance conditions to facilitate private and public sector investment in sustainable landscapes. This tool brings together diverse actors to assess and strengthen forest governance and also to support effective communication of governance conditions to potential investors […]

Earth Observation-based location Identifier

31 May 2018

Organisation: EO-Li Description: The proposed project is a web-based, global broker platform and market place with 4 distinct components: the identification of locations to be restored, the selection of an area and the actors doing the restoration, the monitoring and reporting on the progress of the project using earth observation and geospatial data and, finally, […]

Deforestation-free cocoa

31 May 2018

Organisation: Althelia Description: This talk will focus on delivering scalable and replicable finance in natural capital with a specific focus on real assets, debt and growth equity strategies at the nexus between sustainable production and environmental protection.  

The Landscape Investment and Finance tool (LIFT)

31 May 2018

Organisation: Ecoagriculture partners & IUCN Description: The talk will focus on the development and implementation of the Landscape Investment and Finance Tool (LIFT), developed by EcoAgriculture Partners and IUCN NL. LIFT is designed to support landscape partnerships to analyze their financing needs, strengthen business ideas, identify potential sources of finance available to them, and to […]