Varun Deshpande

Managing Director
The Good Food Institute

Varun lives in Mumbai, India and is the Managing Director at the Good Food Institute, India. He studied at Carnegie Mellon University, and he has experience in healthcare, entrepreneurship, technology, venture capitalism, and knowledge of India’s plant-based market to expand GFI’s operations in India. He has created the podcast “Feeding 10 Billion”, along with his colleague in the Good Food Institute, Ramya Ramamurthy, where they talk to experts in the food industry on every episode to find out how we will eat in the year 2050. Varun also invests in and serves on the board of a number of Asian technology companies and is assisting them with entering the Indian market. He is also working on establishing an Effective Altruism Foundation in India. He believes that: “Good things will happen, especially if we make them”.