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Vania Olmos

MSc Agroecology and Organic Agriculture
Wageningen University

Vania Olmos is a biologist finishing a Double Degree MSc in Agroecology and Organic Agriculture at Wageningen University in partnership with ISARA-Lyon. She wants to understand how agricultural development can work side by side nature conservation at a landscape level and holds particular interest in the scope of agroforestry systems to fulfil this dual purpose. Before starting her MSc, Vania was in Mexico at the National Commission for Use and Knowledge of Biodiversity (CONABIO) working on international wildlife trade through CITES and on bridging the gap between science and policy through IPBES. Her greatest drive is project implementation and she has fieldwork experience with rural communities and conservation organizations in Mexico, Uganda, Netherlands, France and Paraguay.

Vania’s LinkedIn profile can be found here.