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Valéria Paye

Policy advisor
Podaali Fund, COIAB

Valéria Paye is an Indigenous woman of the Kaxuyana People of the Teumcumaque Park Indigenous Territory in the States of Pará and Amapá, Brazil. She got her degree in social sciences from the University of Brasilia (2017). In 2018, she became the Coordinator of the Office of COIAB in Brasilia, Distrito Federal, Brazil, and was the first Indigenous woman to occupy this important role within the Indigenous movement in the Amazon. In this role, she helped to coordinate relations between the Indigenous movement of the Amazon with that of other parts of the country. She participated in the creation of the Indigenous Coordinating Body of Brazil (APIB) and the organization of several Terra Libre (Free Land) camps. She was a member of the executive leadership of APIBL in Brasilia (2018). Until she was recently named Executive Director of the Podaali Fund, she has been working since 2019 as a COIAB policy advisor.