Umaru Sule

Mbororo Social and Cultural Development Association (MBOSCUDA)

Umaru Sule was born near Wum town in Menchum Division North West Region of Cameroon. As a young Mbororo boy, he herded cattle with his brothers every day, all day. He took them to water points before the rains came. In the dry season, they went to Menchum valley for transhumance, spending two to three months along the Menchum River. The family migrated to Nyos where they lived until 1986 when a severe conflict exploded at Lake Nyos exploded and many relatives and most of their cattle were killed. Those who survived returned to Wum where they were settled in 1987 about seven kilometers north of Wum. Umaru then joined Heifer International in Cameroon as Assistant Project Coordinator. He trained farmers in pasture improvement, water catchment protection, live fencing and reforestation. H is a member of MBOSCUDA (Mbororo Social and Cultural Development Association) a CSO protecting the rights of Mbororo pastoralists in Cameeroon and worked for them in the northeast of the country.