Thomas Crowther

Professor for Ecosystem Ecology & Founder of Crowther Lab
ETH Zurich

Thomas Crowther is a British scientist specializing in ecosystem ecology and the chief scientific advisor to the UN’s Trillion Tree Campaign. He is a tenure-track professor of Global Ecosystem Ecology at ETH Zürich where he formed the Crowther Lab. His work aims to generate a holistic understanding of the global scale ecological systems which regulate the Earth’s climate.

After his PhD, Crowther received a postdoctoral fellowship from the Yale Climate and Energy Institute, to pursue his postgraduate research at Yale University. In 2015, Crowther was awarded a Marie Curie fellowship to research the impact of carbon cycle feedbacks on climate change at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO).

In 2017, Crowther started a tenure track professorship at ETH Zürich. His ongoing research is supported through a unique partnership with DOB Ecology – a private foundation focused on supporting projects which protect and restore threatened ecosystems across the globe.
A holistic global understanding of ecological systems is necessary for us to understand and address climate change and biodiversity loss.